Prayer to Heal My Marriage and Have My Husband Love Me Again

by Misty (Canada)

Dear Jesus, my Saviour,

I pray that you will open my husband’s heart to hear your whispers of my love for him. I pray that you will aid us in reconciling and loving one another again. I am truly sorry for my part in what has happened.

I truly love my husband and I pray that we will be reunited and in love forevermore.
Please hear my prayer, God Almighty. I believe and trust in your will and your time. Know that I will love my husband for the rest of my life and I pray that we will be together again soon.


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  1. AMEN

    Dear Lord I pray in agreement with this dear women and ask that you would bring reconciliation to her relationship with her husband and strengthen and renew their relationship with you. Heal hurts and bring spiritual growth and times of refreshing and peace. Thank you that you love us and hear our prayers. Give us faith to trust you with our lives. AMEN

  2. Brilliant Post

    Prayer to heal my marriage and have my husband love me again is absolutely fantastic and very interesting. Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need. I will bookmark your blog and have my friend check up here often.

  3. David

    Lord i pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord touch my husband mine and heart . lord loode him from the enemy let him ne turn off immediately grom the lookd eaud and tpuch of jid adulterous par taker.let him eake ul and realize he has made the biggest mistake of his life.. Let him come begging gor forgivenedd and recomcilation.

  4. Please pray for my marriage

    Please pray for my wife to love me. We have two young children and she wants out. I so long for her affection and emotional connection. Please pray that she falls in love with me again and so that I can trust her. She has nothing to do with my son from a previous marriage. Please help

  5. Prayer For My Husband To Return Home

    Lord the enemy is up to know God again. I ask that you surround my husband and get him home to me safely. That you take every distraction away from him and help him to see that home is where he belongs. I ask that all the people that are around him bringing evil and harm into his life are taken away and that you can return him home and keep us praying in your name. In the beginning of our marriage we prayed and we suddenly stopped. Lord I want my marriage back and I want my husband back please hear my cry Oh God!

  6. Prayer for my husband to love me like Christ loves the Church

    I praise you Lord for all things! Lord, please hear my prayer and answer according to your will. First, Please open my husband’s heart and mind to you Lord so that he may receive you into his heart. Show him your ultimate example of love and open his heart to be willing to love me again. Help him to see my love for him and give him a desire for a new, stronger commitment to our marriage. Please heal our marriage and bring reconciliation. I ask these things in your most precious, Holy name. Amen!

  7. Please help

    Dear Lord I pray that you heal my marriage. Please take the evil thoughts and bitterness away from my husband. Lord we are going through so much in our relationship I’m not sure how to deal with it. Please put in his heart and mind that I love him unconditional and would never cheat or step outside my marriage. Lord he is my heart and soul please open his eyes so he can see it before it’s to late. My heart is broken from his words. Lord please heal us and please bless our marriage. In Jesus name amen.

  8. Change his heart to bring back his love for me

    Father god I pray today to ask you to heal my marriage and have my husband to love me again to love me like he used to and have us walk hand in hand to praise you and to glorify your name father god I asked u to remove divorce from his mind and put love in his heart, soften his heart and remove anger anxiety and depression from his mind to heal him and have him understand that without you jesus it will be a difficult life father god bring us closer together like never before and form a bond that can never be broke remove the evil doers from his life and and anyone who will do no just to our marriage… father god I pray for our love to be returned to us in your name I pray amen.

  9. Heal my marriage. I want my husband back

    Dear lord, am Mrs Reshma married get 13years n hv two kids husband is wt another women …he dnt love. .care …anymore. …plzzz heal his heart n mind towards him ..

  10. Bring my husband back to the cross and back to me....

    Dear heavenly Father I come into your presence with thanksgiving and praise, thanking You for who You are and what You have done in my life thus far..I come humbly asking You to forgive me of all my sins…I bring my husband to You, Lord, asking You to heal him in the name of Jesus, from the bottom of his feet to the crown of his head. Surround him with Godly christian people, who will teach him about the word of God, and how to love his wife the way Christ love the Church…Heal him from anything that has him in bondage, help him not to give into any temptation, and deliver him from all evil…I pray Lord Jesus that You will draw my husband back to the cross where he belongs. He has been away for so long, but all things are possible when You are in it….I love him with all my heart, and I know he loves me, but he allows the enemy to come between our marriage….Open his eyes to all his demons and enemies…and we will be able to worship, praise and testify together about Your great love for us and restore our marriage, friendship and love in Jesus name I pray….Amen…..

  11. Prayer for healing in my marriage also my husband love me again

    Dear Father God,

    I am coming to you for prayer in my marriage restoration our marriage again with me and my husband.My Lord my husband turn his back on me also walk out our marriage for no reason.My Lord i miss him and i love him but he not loving me back.My Lord his media family can between our marriage they should know they place.My Lord you only one put us back together as one again.My Lord we need healing in our marriagebPlead in Bloody in Jesus name.Amen

  12. Praying that my husband will stop being so angry.

    I pray that my husband will stop being so mean. My household is in dire need of peace. My kids need a loving happy family.

  13. Touch my husband's heart

    Lord. I pray that you make my husband understand that he married me as he was feeling lonely when his wife passed away. His children did not bother about him, today am not asking him to leave them but to understand that am also part of the family. I don’t feel loved anymore, am being neglected. There is tension in our couple , please help me lord am broken hearted and want to give upthank you Lord.

  14. Please let my husband open his heart to love me again

    Please I need people to pray with me.My husband wants a divorce.I thought it was what I wanted too but I have given my heart to God again and His Holy Spirit fell on me.I want more than ever to save my marriage and for my husband to want the same.I love him so much and I just want him to love me again too.I want God to bind his addiction to pornography which was the final ruin of our marriage.Please pray with me.God is powerful and can make anything happen

  15. I need my marriage healed and restored.

    Anyone reading this I ask that you will pray with me that my husband will come back home, stop his drug use and lying and cheating and affairs. That God will restore our marriage.

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