Prayer to heal my love relationsip

by Rebecca (MAHARASHTRA)

I and my boyfriend were in a relationship and we both loved each other lots but slowly after a period of time he started avoiding me. Whenever we have communication he does not talk nicely or he insults me. I always ignored his behaviour thinking one fine day he will realize that I did so much adjustment for him and even i changed myself for him the way he wants.

I still love him lots and i care for him as i am so much attached that i always try to keep him happy. But he has stopped caring for me, loving me and now he does not even ask to meet me. I went through lots of breakups but with this person i have seen life with him. He is my school friend but destiny brought us together and i dont want to lose him. I want tot marry him and take care of his family and him forever. I want you to pray that bring him back into my life, fix our relationship and again we both should love and care for each other. Make our relationship permanent in the form of marriage.

I am trying to not to go into depression as already many times i went . I really love this guy and will always be loyal to him take care of him as his life partner. I want him to realize that my love is true for him.

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