Prayer to Heal my inability to forgive

by Clare (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Forgiveness comes in many forms, Lord. Sometimes it is a simple gut reaction, needing calm and quiet, and more information and patience, to learn about another side.

May you grant that to people who need it.

Sometimes, it is a healing of something else, which is needed. It may be the need fir an experience which was never granted in this life. May those who need an experience of some form of love, of safety, of kindness from other, or even some selfish unharmful need, be granted a taste of their need, so that they not have to go without entirely.

Grant those who need a relief, that relief, so that they may find their requests manifest, if it would be balm to their spirit, not turn them away from you. Make your lessons bearable, so that real willing forgiveness can happen naturally, not with resentments springing up at every turn.

Help the will to submit, where needed, but also help the will be bolstered, where it would bring joy and faith fulfilled in natural forgiving relief of terror and unmet need. Thy will is for joy, not only for need and lessons.

Thank you, Lord. Thy will be done. Please grant my wish for something of what I missed, so that I may forgive and let go for real, with no residue, no incapacity from the past hurt. I am falling apart.