Prayer to heal my husband to lead a healthy , peaceful and a happy Christian married life

Hi , I am Julie and a strong believer of St.Jude. I have been married since Dec 1, 2014. During this course of time i realised that my husband is getting angry, irritated and violent for small things and his behavior is scary. I have somehow tried to control and help him but he realizes at times but he repeats it often. I am deeply worried if my marriage life will become a mess. Basically he is such a nice person with good thoughts. But certain things triggers his anger so easily that he becomes a violent and irritated person altogether. I am having sleepless nights getting worried all the time. I am going to offer the 9 days novena prayer to St.Jude and I strongly and earnestly seek his help and miracle work on my life so that things change altogether and that we may lead a happy , peaceful and thankful life in days to come. St.Jude Pray for US!!

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