Prayer to heal my heart, my spouses heart and our marriage

Father God I come before you, feeling defeated and discouraged. I come before you to ask you to please heal my husband and my heart. Heal the pain we’ve cause one another and help restore our marriage. We took vows before you to love, honor and obey; yet we lost sight of that. Lord I ask that you please come in our home and renew our love and marriage. Keep any and all evil and temptation from my husband. Oh lord, speak to him.

Speak through him through your followers. I know Satan is at work and I ask that you please have mercy and give me strength. I don’t want to give up dear lord. I don’t want to go based on my understanding and I have faith that good things will come together. I ask dear lord that you please just be patient with me and I know I sometimes don’t understand. Father God, please hear my prayer. In Jesus almighty name I pray.

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