Prayer to Heal My Heart, Mind and Soul

Please pray for my broken heart. After breaking up with the love of my life who was at first like an angel but then after 6 month became abusive against me and my family, who did not treat me well recently and took me for granted I still don’t know why I can’t eat, sleep, function I became really ill and everybody is shocked of how this effected my body and soul.

I have thoughts of ending my life and I seem very hopeless please please please everyone who read this pray for me to get over this heart broken period. Even though I know this man is not right for me I still don’t know why I can not move on it’s like there is a curse in me from him. I am very hopeless I also lost my job so all is hard in my life right now 🙁

Jesus always helped me and gave me hope and I’m sure he will help me again I just need to believe that. I argue with God all the time because I think he forgotten me and then I ask him for forgiveness it’s like somebody else is controlling my mind.

He done so much bad things to me, called me names, he even tried to strangle me, he told me he will through acid on me if I leave him and still I don’t know why I can’t move on.

I know how bad he is to me but seems like I want him to be in my life forever I know I sound stupid by saying that and I hope No One judge me but it’s out of my control please pray for me that God heal me ,change me and strengthen me to move on completely from this man I know.

this love in my heart is not from God because it not a healthy love please Jesus help me to find out myself again !!!Amen and thank you

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