Prayer to Heal My Heart and Reunite with Her

by J1 (NYC)

Dear God,

I am at a loss for words. I do not know what I can say or do to heal my heart nor repair my relationship.

I ask that you heal my core wounds and make me whole. Give me strength to rebuild my life stronger than before with a foundation based on your love.

Please reunite me with Jess and walk with us in a deeper, wiser, unconditionally loving, god-centered relationship. Help guide us to rebuild our lost trust in each other and give us the courage to stand hand in hand til the end of out lives.

I am tired and powerless to change. Please guide me with clear and strong and compassionate signs. Help to open my heart to healing, learning, and growing.

Please guide Jess back into my life in a gentle and loving way. I will continue to love and protect her and nurture her. Help her to open her heart once again to me…and then guide us on a clear path for a happy life together.

Thank you.

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