Prayer to Heal My Health Anxiety

by Laura (England)

Please pray for my health anxiety. I am constantly worried about my health to the point of spending a lot of time in the Doctors and Hospitals.

Tests come back clear and physical symptoms get worse, and this is all down to my stress and anxiety; my body is under such duress that it is actually acting “ill” to some extent. I have tense stomach muscles and neck/back muscles, on-going headaches and I go through stages where I cannot eat due to feeling so nervous and anxious.

Please pray for my mind, soul and body. Pray for me to be calm and confident. Pray for me to stop worrying and living in fear. Pray for my body to be healthy and for me to be able to lead a happy life, and to have lovely children with my partner, which is the true desire of my heart.

Thank-you and God bless you all.

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