prayer to heal my financial situation and sell my house

I don’t know why everytime i see luck close to my face, but suddenly it slip out from my hand before i can reach that.

Im jobless right now, my cake business don’t help me at all. Im depending on my husband income.

The only thing if i can sell my house, i can start frsh and have enough money to pay bills.
Someone almost buying that house, i should sign the contract tomorrow but today he texted me he said to cancel everything and cut connection with me. I feel so angry and sad and broken heart.

i cant afford 2 double mortgage, once the tenant at that house move out next mo.

I need help pray so i can find solution, i believe everything happens for a reason. I want to put that house on market start at the middle of march. Pls help with pray so i can find buyer soon.

im desperate need help. 🙁

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