Prayer to Heal my family

by Barbara (Phoenix Az)

I have been in a bad relationship for 18 years I have tryef to hold my family together even felt with my children’s father cheating on me getting me sick n always leaving wen things get ruff I have put my children threw years of.

Violence because of choosing to stay with this man I have prayed for him I’m done I wsny out I’m scared for my children for what kind of emotional damage I have done by keeping them around this they have wittnes do much anger n madness I would love to know if u could please pray for me n my family bless us.

Help me to get things right n to leave this poisonous relationship alone for good heal my children’s hearts tskd there pain for me m help me to realize I did my best I M a good women n I don’t deserve this help me to b strong n to move on

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