prayer to heal my failing marrage and for reunite with my husband

by Mercy (Kenya)

Dear Lord, I pray that you heal my marriage that is failing. My husband and I are currently seperated and each one of us living on theier own, It is my desire Lord to see my marriage restored with the joy that comes with it. Father help me forgive my husband for his infidelity which has caused me so much pain and bitterness. Forgive my unforgiving spirit and bing back my husband. Father restore the love and friendship we once shared. Touch his heart so he may also forgive me all the wrongs I have done to him. Father have mercy on me and break all the chains of the enemy around my marriage. Break the bondage of adultery around my husband so that our marriage may be healed for good. Help us have the patience to understand easch other when it comes to finances. Father reconcile us forever so we may be able to raise our three sons with your love. Amen

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