Prayer to heal my drug addiction

by Mani ()


i am addictted to drugs more than 17 years please now help me i dont want this old bad life.i want a new creation and a new man who is full of health and self confidence.jesus i read your hundreds of miracles and i have great faith that with you everything is possible.please help me i did financial fruads with my customers i ama sking forgiveness please forgive me my lord jesus please wash me with your powerful and precious blood and make me new creation.i joined a new job in reliance communication and i want to do this job greatly successfully. please i am requesting please daily go before me and make way for my wonderful success.i am thanking you in advance that you are freeing me from drug addiction and blessing me life full of health and great happiness. i am asking all this in great name of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Help my son to fight his drug addiction

    Please Lord, Help my son Ivan to fight his drug addiction. He is already 40 Years old and he hasn,t found his way. He is now
    Addicted to tablets which helped him to get out of addiction from
    Heroin.When I tell him He needs to get of these tablets, He says he will. Time is passing. He is without employment also. I want him
    to find his way to GOD again and to be happy. I feel sad to see him
    waisting his life. Help us Lord find happiiness again.s

  2. Love

    Child of God, always remember that Jesus Christ washed away your old sins and is giving you a new life! Do not succumb to the evils of addiction and drugs, they are trying so desperately to pull you back into a horrid life that was never good! Jesus Christ will give you the abundant amount of strength you will need, Trust me, it is going to be hard but know that God is always watching out for you. I promise you that in Jesus name it will be alright, you have nothing to fear when the Lord is watching over you! Think of how proud he is that you’ve turned to a life of God, he is so proud to call you his child no matter what, always remember that and do not doubt him!

    In Jesus Name I Pray,

  3. My prayer

    Mani, we’ll I am on a plane going to visit my 22yo son
    Who overdosed and is in critical condition. I was reading prayer
    For strength and wisdom for myself, wife & son, when I saw your
    Note. My prayer for you is to honestly seek rehab and I pray that you do it soon as you have no doubt hurt many loved ones in the
    Process, but they will forgive you just as Christ forgives us all who
    All fall short. Put your faith in Jesus & stop lying & manipulating
    Your way through life! I thank The Lord that you are seeking him out in this trial, as he will be there for you! But as I have told my son with the strength you gain from your relationship with him you
    Can and will beat this if you surrender it up to him. God bless you
    Mani I will pray for your release from the bondage of drugs. Love & prayers. Kevin

  4. Help

    Son I hope you have chosen to steer clear from addiction and choose a life of sobriety. I too led a life of uncertainty when using and abusing. Make good in the theft and persue the healthy life you ask for.

  5. Rosary

    Pray the rosary. Every time you want to do drugs pray the rosary, our blessed mother will lead you to Jesus. You will end up being so close to Jesus when you pray the rosary. Please try this. Very very effective. Blessed mother will lead you to Jesus and your addiction will be gone. Go to mass daily if you can, go to the blessed sacrament, when the host is exposed it means you are really with Jesus. That’s really him and it is not symbolic, it is the real presence. Try this please.. Oh and if you do, I would like to congratulate you in advance consider you healed

  6. I declare peace for you,

    I declare peace to fill your life. I to suffer from addiction and chronic pain. I ask you lord to help this young man in his time of need. To make him whole, happy and successful in life. Please Lord lay your hands upon him, give him the strength to free himself of his addiction. Fill his life with happiness, love, courage to hold his head up high, to keep his shoulders back. Please Lord I ask you for your love and guidance for this man. In the Lords name, we pray. Amen.

    God bless you. I will continue to pray for you.

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