Prayer to Heal My Daughter

by Suzzette (Manila, Philippines)

Most Almighty Jesus,heal my daughter from the snares of the evil which are hatred, jealousy, confusion and insecurities. Make her aware and feel all the time your Love, and the love of her family. Please Lord, I ask you to grant her a peaceful and healthy sleep every night so that she can look forward to the next days with bright and happy feelings.

May the pains caused by whatever wounds in the past completely heal with your touch. Yes Lord, touch her heart, mind and soul. Embrace her all night Lord, You are the only one Lord who could be by her side. I fully entrust her to your loving guidance and care Lord so she will remain healthy, safe and sound till she finds home.

Thank you Lord for all the things that had been and those that are yet to come. Guide and strengthen our family, so that this one too shall pass, and everything will be alright afterwards. I love you Lord.