Prayer to Heal my Broken Relationship

Dear god,

I pray to you in pain to please heal my broken relationship. He is the love of my life and my best friend. I can’t picture my life without him. I beg you to please touch his heart and clear him from all evil.

We might had gotten in a big argument but I pray to you to please let us learn from it and let us be stronger from it. I pray to you to please clear away all the negative people on the way. To let him open up his eyes and see that I’m not a bad person and to take away his stubbornness.

Please God I pray to you for him to come out of all this and be stronger than the evil and make him a better person. I pray to you in pain to please heal our broken hearts and please fix this relationship. Please let us be once again as happy as we were before and even Stronger.

Let our love be a bond so strong it can overcome everything and anything and it can never be broken down. Please God I pray you lead us through the right path to be better together. Please heal this relationship I pray to you that you end this pain and anxiety I feel inside me and bring him back to me already.

Please hear me out God I beg you in tears. Let all the evil between disappear already. Touch his heart so he stops being so cruel to me. Let him be a better man. Let our relationship be heal I pray to you God.