Prayer to heal my broken and confused heart

Dear Lord,

I ask that you help reconcile me and Jake’s friendship. It’s been a year now, and I have gone through the healing process. But I only want it to be in your time. I still care about him so much and miss the times we had together. Although my heart isn’t hurting as much any more, I am unaware of your plans and this causes me some impatience and doubt. I want to believe that everything will work out, and i feel in my heart that it will one day. P lease take away this hurt, and bitterness and replace it with love and peace.

Lord, I also ask that you guide me in my relationship with my father. For 19 years he has neglected me and I never believe him when he says he loves me. After 6 months of not talking, he texted me the most genuine thing i have ever heard. Saying he knows it is hard for me to forgive him, but that he loves me. Lord, I was so upset about this, i cried and havent replied at all, i dont know what to say. I am scared, and i have built a wall around myself to protect myself now. Please hear my prayer and guide my path.