prayer to heal my anxiety and anxious depression and clear my mind in peace.

by Len (Ak)

Lord jesus christ pls.heal my anxiety anxious depression amd boredomeness lord give me strenght whenver i feel down and sad lord i want to have peace of mind my body soul and spirits i want to have strong faith with you i wanna know more about you lord take it out my sickness or whatever i am feeling everyday pls help me understand whats going on to me.

lord protect me from my enemies and my whole family lord please always be there for us tame us away from evil one all i want is to have strong mind oh lord to take the homesick and boredom away from my mind lord have mercy on us i know im a sinner but i ask your forgivenes i know im not faithful to you oh lord i disobey you many times pls lord hope you hear me and accept me.

lord give me a tough mind to fight anything i think take away the bad spirits thats makes me sad and depressed.

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