Prayer to heal me from my sickness

Dear Lord,

I come to you today to ask for forgiveness. To ask that you forgive me for all my sins. Lord I know I haven’t walked in the path of The Lord for quite some time. Lord you have showed up before when I was in need. And Lord I ask you help heal me this time. I know I haven’t been the best when it comes to walking the path of The Lord. But I respect and believe in you as my Lord and Savior. I have lots of family and friends that need me just as I need you. Please Lord heal me from my sickness. I promise I will try to go back to church when I can.

I will take family with me to church. I will be back so I can hear your words and so my family can understand and maybe believe in you as well. Lord please watch over my family and protect us from evil. Lord I thank you for all you’ve done for me. The abundance you have given me. I thank you Lord for everything. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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  1. thank god for healing me

    lord father god, thank you for healing me from a bacterial infection, glory be to god, praise the lord. amen

  2. God is acble

    God please heal me from my sin which you tried to prevent many times from happening. I made a mistake and I want to be healed from this sickness you are the only one who can heal me. I clam my second chance at life. I believe that you are able. Please everyone who read this pray for me that I will be healed. I am trusting in you JESUS!!!!!!!!!It will be done

  3. Lord I want u to heal me.

    I been patient I want u to heal me from always lightheaded and balance of always lightheaded balance always off I want to be normal I pray everyday for he to finished heal me whatever is go on With my body Bring my period down so I can have babies Amen

  4. Off balance

    Dear lord I need again as usual. Please heal me from when I walk around at work and busy places I don’t have off balance feeling. It scares me and the anxiety it causes me. I have to walk so slow and it’s embarrassing and I feel trapped when it happens. It comes and goes but it’s staying a long time now. Please lord heal me again from this . In Jesus name amen

  5. Healing for me and my wife

    Am praying that god heal me and my wife in our bodies.thank you Jesus Amen

  6. Healing

    God heal me from all this reds cells my bones are producing please prevent any cancer to form in the name of Jesus. Heal me from any problems in my lungs a heal this rematiod arthritis that is attacking my hands and body I need your healing please I really need a miracle in my .body

  7. Healing prayer

    Dear Lord,

    Please heal me from all bacterial infection, sickness, and pain..I’m also praying to please heal also my mother from all infection and sick. Just say the words lord and we will be healed.

    Have mercy on us Lord. Thank you.

  8. Tinnitus

    Please heal me from my tinnitus .
    I know im not perfect!
    but i want only you! .
    I want a simple life with my girlfreand without the tinnitus.
    Father please help me .
    Tell me what way i need to walk!
    I dont know what to do anymore !
    All i know i that you can heal me !
    Make my Faith strong enough for healing!!

    Jesus i love you!
    Take away the demons in my life!
    I trust you
    But they dont want that i trust you

  9. I need u Lord!

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to u in the name of Jesus Christ and ask u for forgiveness of my sins known and unknown and for any trespasses or unforgiveness I may have in my heart at this time.

    Lord I ask you to heal me right now from my Graves’ disease, dizzy spells, being nauseas, and ear aches. I don’t know why this is happening but Lord I ask you to heal me right now. I ask for the blood of Jesus to be poured over me right now and to take away my sickness for a normal life with my family.

    Lord I haven’t been the best Child of God but Lord I love u and believe in your son Jesus Christ and I know that by his stripes I am healed.

    Thank you for forgiving me and healing my body.

    In Jesus name I pray.

  10. I got no one but you Lord!

    Heal me Lord. Protect my love ones from illness, danger and temptation. I lean on you oh Lord. Please hear my prayer

  11. I Praise u Lord

    Heal me Lord please! I loft everything unto you, my fears and my doubts. Please protect me and my family from all illness, danger and temptation. Please Lord hear my prayer.

  12. Please heal gout in my knees

    Dear Lord please heal my gout arthritis in my knees. I hurt so bad . By your stripes we were healed ! Please apply that healing to me. I have no one else to turn to . Glorify your name in my healing. In Jesus name Amen

  13. help me

    god please help me with chest pain and heartburn please make me grow taller I don’t want to die please from peter

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