Prayer to Heal Grandpa

by Jac (Columbia)

My Grandpa has been in the hospital for months. First he had his gallbladder removed, then got pneumonia, then pancreatic sickness and a massive hematoma in his abdomen. He is on dialysis, has a weak heart and is getting a feeding tube put in today. Please Lord, Grandpa is a good man. He served his country, raised 6 good children and 9 grandchildren, fed the poor and gave a home to abandoned animals. He has survived cancer, falls, dementia, and the Korean war. He is the strongest man I’ve ever met and it pains me to see him suffering.

Please heal him- now is not yet his time to be reunited with You. let him live to pin on my brother’s bars when he is commissioned as a Marine Officer in December, and see the third generation of his name serve in the USMC. Amen.

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