Prayer to heal friendship

by Shiela (Canada)

Dear God, I am asking for your help in restoring my friendship with a very good friend Brenda. I said something hurtful about her to someone which was passed on to her, and now she is very hurt and angry. She refuses to speak with me. And the person who passed this gossip along is also angry at me.

I dont know what to do. I have apologized. Please Lord, help her soften her heart so she’ll forgive me. We have th board exams coming up, and I dont want her to be bothered by this. I feel so guilty because she is so kind and generous. I really dont know what to do. Please almighty God take control of this situation and fix it as You will. I trust that You will hear my prayers and repair this broken friendship. Thank You for everything.

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  1. He is listening

    He is listening, but instead pray from your heart to him. I also prayed for a lost friendship because I hurt the one girl I really cared about and meant everything to me, however in those moments, at the time, you dont want to ask for her forgiveness. Because when a person asks for forgiveness youre being selfish about how you feel rather than how she feels. When I hurt this girl emotionally, it really hurt me as a guy to know I did that to her, so what prayed for was that I begged and prayed with all my heart that God take away the pain she was going through and to bring it onto me, for I was the one that deserved it not her. It did take time, but little by little we started talking again, and in the end I was able to see her for her birthday, and I regained that friendship. So there IS hope, dont worry! It all works out in the end with God, but because its in the moment, thats why it really hurts right now. But have faith that she’ll come around. Believe!

  2. My #1 True Best Friend NAC

    I know exactly how you feel. I made a mistake within my friendship and by not communicating with her jeopardized our friendship to the point we’re no longer speaking. Once I realized my mistake I gave her a big apology along with two cards a friendship card and a I’m sorry card and I expressed how sorry I was for hurting her. But she choose not to give me a second. We was like sisters and I was hoping that we could work through it but I realize I just have to move on. Although I would love to be friends with her again Im not going to force a friendship if she doesn’t want one….We wished each other well on future endeavour s.

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