Prayer to heal friends cancer

Please pray that the Lord Jeasus Almighty heal my friend. Help God take away the cancers that are consuming her body. Help her to survive this, become stronger, and help spread the Lords love. Be with her family through this trying time. Help them to flurish in strength and understanding. Help them to rally around their wife and mother and support her through her healing. Give this family all they need to servive this cancer and enrich their lives with your love.


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  1. A Prayer for my Friend

    Dear Friends,
    Please join me to pray for my friend Sonia who is sick with cancer,that God the loving father can heal her and give her a second chance to server him in Jesus’s name.

  2. Prayer for a friend suffering from Breast Cancer

    Dear Lord. Please cure my friend Mahes from the Cancer disease as she is now in a very critical state. As a single parent she needs to live for her two kids. O Lord spare her and cure her Jesus. I beg you Jesus. In your name I offer up this prayer for my dear friend Mahes. Nothing is impossible with you and may your will be done.


  3. prayer for friend

    Please prayer for my friend Maura who has ovarian cancer. Please God give her strenght and healing and love and let her make a full recovery.Please comfort her dear family at this most difficult time.

    Thank You

  4. Pray for my friend

    Please pray for my friend Hilda and her family. Pray that she be cured of her liver cancer and she become stronger. Pray for her family also.

  5. Grandmother

    Dear heavenly father , I pray that you will cure my granmother from lung cancer .I pray that you will remove all the cancerous cells from her body . I pray that the doctors will give her a second opinion and I pray that you will give her another chance at living . I pray that you continue to bless her & every other family who’s going through the same . I pray for my grandmother , I & others .. In Jesus name I pray amen

  6. Paryer for my friend Kimberly Cook!

    Dear Lord Heavenly Father I Pray for a friend to become Cancer Free please comfort her and her family Lord she has little ones that need her and a husband that is standing by her like a knight please Lord Bless them Heal her body cleanse her body from all Cancer, She is a Beautiful young Lady Lord she still has so much more to see and learn. In the name of the Mother the Son and the Holy Spirit AMEN.

  7. Heal colon cancer

    Lord please put your most powerful & healing hands on my friend & heal her of her cancer. Only you have the power to take away this affliction

  8. My freind

    Lord father God please place your hands over my friend Linda’s body and heal her of this cancer that is recking havoc on her body. Please heal her!

  9. My freind

    Lord father God please place your hands over my friend Linda’s body and heal her of this cancer that is recking havoc on her body. Please heal her!

  10. Terry and Lynn

    Dear Lord we pray for you cure Terry with his cancers. It has spread quickly and he has the fight of his life. Give him and his family the strength to fight this and cure him of this horrible disease. We Aldo pray for Lynn who is battling cancer..please give her the strength to fight and give her te time on this earth to be with her family. Lord I pray for Terry and Lynn. Please cure them and stop the suffering they and their families are experiencing.

  11. Prayers

    Dear lord I pray that you will send comfort and peace to my friend as she has the face the days a head of her during her fight from this deadly disease

  12. Prayers

    Dear lord I pray that you will send comfort and peace to my friend as she has the face the days a head of her during her fight from this deadly disease

  13. I accept with a grateful, thankful heart!

    Heavenly Father, I come to you to ask for your loving grace. There are so many people who are sick with cancer. I ask you to please touch them. I ask most specially for my cousins Larry and Sony, my sister-in-law Helen, my husband’s cousin Carol. They need your healing hand, dear Father.
    I claim health and wellness for them, in the mighty name of Jesus!
    A M E N! A M E N! A M E N!


    Dear Lord I ask in Jesus name for healing for my friend with cancer. The doctors have not given her much more time, but I know you are the ultimate healer. Please wrap your arms around her and her family that they might find peace that only you can offer. Thank you for loving my friend and leading me to meet her. She exudes your love and shares with all who know her.

  15. Prayer to heal a friend

    Pleas help me pray for my friend who is very sick and I’m not really sure what type of sickness but he’s been diagnosed with TB. Please help pray that God will heal him and be with his family again. With God all things are possible and I believe that God will heal him. I need everyone’s prayer upon him as he is in hospital right now and he’s only not eating much, but he’s taking only liquid. I need everyone’s prayer right now.

    Thanking you all in advance.

  16. Grandma lody & husband George

    Dear lord,

    Thank you for all you have done for me and my family, lord help me follow you and your ways. I feel itโ€™s my duty to do the best I can in my life to ask for the healing for my grandma and husband, please cleanse them with your love and healing hands! Take away any sin around us thatโ€™s making us sick, I believe sin is sickness and it is us who has brought sickness to our unclean bodies, please lord we are lost and nothing without you, without you there is no purpose in life! You are life itself. please my loving God if it is your will heal them both from cancer let it be your will your way as you know best! Please comfort us and give us strength and faith in Jesus name! Help me serve you to bring healing to everyone, help us have a purpose to be given another chance of life to live according to you way. We love you so much Jesus as you loved us way before we were born ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  17. Please pray for my friend

    Please join me in praying for my friend Peggy who is battling cancer .please pray for complete healing and strength. For her family . Thank you

  18. Mary

    Please pray for my husband to make good recovery from heart attack and surgery also that he does well for next stent to be put into artery. Please pray for Donna who has been Diagnosed with cancer and due to get married end July and for her fiance and all their families. for all my family at home and a board for good health happiness and peace in their lives. St Jude pray for us

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