Prayer to heal Depression and Lonliness

Dear Lord,

I have been plaqued most of my life with depression and I do take medication, however, when life’s problems continue to hit me, I still suffer! I do go to church and I do believe You are My Lord and My Savior but I am but a human being with weaknesses so I pray for Your help.
I have money problems and it is a constant struggle to make my income last from month to month. Thus far, I have been blessed by making it but Lord, I have many anxious moments and I would also like to give more to my church and it’s missions.
Through my own fault, I have been divorced for over 6 years now. I get so lonesome, even at church I look around and see almost everyone with a partner. I don’t want to remarry but it would be nice to have a true male friend that I could talk to and to go to church functions with on ocassion.
Thank you, Precious Lord, for all of Your Blessings and for the love You give to me even though I am unworthy!

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