Prayer to heal demons

by Danni J (NY, NY)

Father God, I come before you as humble as I know how to first offer my thanks and gratitude for the man that is Tyrone. God, you know him by his name. You know what he is going through, his struggles, his demons and afflictions.

Dear God, I ask that you remove the generational curses that are afflicting him, Dear father. Lord, I ask that you give him a renewed spirit, give him the strength to go through and come out on the other side victorious. God, meet him at his point of need. Open his eyes to see the truth. In your word you declare that we should know the truth and it will make us free.

Dear Lord, you are a man that you will not lie. There is nothing too hard for you, precious savior. Perform a miracle in his life. Allow him to see your glory that his story will be a testimony to others that they may give your name all the praise. Not our will, but thine will be done. In the name of your precious son, Jesus, Amen