Prayer to heal childs cancer

by Rochelle (Las Vegas)

Lord I praise you, we believe in your word and promises..forgive me lord for my sins..I pray you forgive my sins, that my sins are washed away to the depths of the oceans and not brought upon to my children and children’s children…Restore our faith oh lord, work our miracles oh God …heal our son lord….we hear you clearer in our pain, show us lord why this is happening..lord this is for your glory ..lord ake his sickness and rebuke it from his body lord. We pray the the test results come back negative for cancers or any rare blood diseases, lord we pray that the fever or illness isnt hidden in,his bones lord…strenthen him father God…i cannot go through this alone ..walk with us lord through this trying time …we pray that you put your hands on this situation and steer it towards good and healing… We know that you are dilligent in hearing our prayers, we love you and ask these things in your son Jesus Christ ..amen and amen

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