Prayer to heal cervical cancer

by Gordon (BC)

Please pray for my friend.

In 2001, while pregnant, she discovered she had cervical cancer. She managed to fight it, and she had a baby boy.

Since then, she has raised money for cancer charities, and doing great work.

Unfortunately, her personal life has fallen apart. She is going through a messy divorce with her husband, who no longer loves her. She lost her job in March 2009, and has had rejections from all the job applications she has sent out. She was on unemployment insurance, but that ran out a few weeks ago and she now has to rely on the local food bank.

She is currently staying with a man who loves her and her son very much, but despite working all hours god sends, he is having difficulty providing for them.

She told me tonight she has nothing left and that she is considering moving back to her parents in another State to try to find work, but this would mean giving up rights to her son leaving him to be brought up by a father who does not love him like she does.

Please pray for her. She needs a break in life and I hope someone listens.

Thank you.

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    I advice that she takes time alone with God’s Word in the bible. She needs to assess her level of faith and hope and build them through the bible sermons.

    then she should talk to her creator and demand her healing and health from the devil. god will snatch them back from the devil.

    I pray: Lord God and Lord Jesus Christ, I give thanks to you for mercy and healing hand. I pray in JESUS Christ name. I kindly ask that by your grace heal this woman from cervical cancer. I am deeply moved by her story, my good Lord. Disregard her past and save her considering that she has been kindly helping others. this will give opportunity to continue her charity gesture. in Jesus Name I release her healing and financial breakthrough.

    Thank you God of all mercy. the well of healing and prosperity.

    Thank you father.

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