Prayer to heal and restore the relationship between my childs father and his family bring love and trust to this relationship

by K.C (Il, USA)

O GOD, I pray in your son Jesus name that you bring this man back to me and my family. Restore what was broken between us. During our time apart let no woman pursue him or nor man pursue me but lets our hearts pursue each other. Restore the love and trust between us.

Make us a strong family unit that loves and serve You O Lord. Bring us back together with a bond that cant be broken. Show us how to love each other, understand each other be kind to each other support each other lift each other up build a strong foundation in the lord together.

Lord I pray that you bring healing now O Lord Let our time apart only be to prepare us to be with one another again. I pray this prayer O GOD in your darling son Jesus. AMEN.

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