Prayer to heal and restore my relationship

by Broken Wings ()

Heavenly God, Please hear my prayer and guide me in a relationship I have right now. I have been in this kind of pain before and you gave me 2 lovely children which I love so much.

I thank you for giving me strength and courage to be a single mom. and now I’m having a relationship again and you bless me a 3 mos old baby but my heart is in trouble and almost losing my mind.

Please open Jon hearts and mind for accepting me and my baggage with all of his heart and soul. I love him so much for all I thought we can have a happy family with my first children. Please make this feeling mutual and may we learn to respect each other. Please open his heart to unselfishness and make him show our love to us.

Guide us o lord for all the children we have and give us wisdom to understand each other. May he learn to bring down his foolish pride and make up his mind that he needed us and we needed him.

Lighten us in your holy spirit as we may protect the children and raise them in your god’s will. I seek for your mercy o lord that you may grant this prayer.AMEN