Prayer to heal and restore my friendship with my 2 best friends.

by KYW ()

Dear Jesus,

Due to one mistake, I have lost the trust and friendship of my 2 best friends, TCW & LCK. One can’t accept my apology and one still talk to me but on very superficial level.

We used to be 3 best friends.Now,they see me as a common friend.Both are my brothers and my confidants.

I have tried many attempts to salvage our friendship but it is difficult as I am dealing with human emotions here.

I am now in emotional pain and depress because I really know not what to do anymore to salvage this.

Therefore, Lord – only you can do the impossible to soften their hearts and to accept me as their best friend / brothers. Lord, please heal and restore our friendship. I really cherish them a lot.

Thank you Lord.