Prayer to heal an ailing body

by LRA (Trinidad)

God hear my prayer and answer me favourably. My entire body has been aching with chronic pain and other chronic symptoms for several years with worsening symptoms. My relationship with family friends and even strangers is affected by my wholistic problem.My doctors say it could be nerve related.

God Your love is unconditional , Your healing is unconditional , You alone can answer prayers unconditionally. You alone know what the true problem is and I pray that my prayers are answered and I am healed.God You work in mysterious ways and I pray that what I am experiencing helps me to find a long fruitful and righteous life that allows me to positively and righteously influence my loved and cherished ones.

I have been knocking on Your door for some time now but allows too afraid to enter because I was struggling to hold on to what I thought was good on the outside.God I pray that this situation sets me on a righteous path and that a seed is planted that allows me to grow into what You want so that I can be all that You want me to be.

God bless my family and me with longevity, health, strength, prosperity, ambition, knowledge, righteousness and strengthen our faith in You.Amen

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