Prayer to Heal Alcohol Abuse

by Tracey (South Africa)

Hi My name is Tracey and have been with my partner for sixteen years, married for seven years.

He has always been a drinker but ever since we moved into this particular neighbourhood, the alcohol abuse has gotten much worse. The emotional and verbal abuse has gotten very bad. I have two sons aged Nine and three.

They seem think this is normal behaviour and are accustomed to their father drinking over weekends.
He has company in the neighbourhood and it is only getting worse day by day.

He also can not seem to sit indoors at all, it is as if something is pulling him away from his home.
I cannot understand this but it seems very weird to me.

I need all the prayers I can get because I am at my wits end and my only other alternative is divorce.

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  1. Prayers for both u and ur husband

    Lord, please care for this couple in need. Send healing to the weak for alcohol abuse and the words of hurtfulness. Let them share love and understanding. I understand this pain well and share my concern. Through God, I deeply pray for healing, in the heart and in the mind. â€

  2. love and patience

    i will pray for you dear…my father is also an alcoholic…please be patient and constantly pray..pray for your husband unceasingly…God bless you and your relationship.

  3. Divorce is an option

    I am praying for wisedom for you. I had been in a similar marraige for 20 years. It got worse and my children begged me to get a divorce. Do not believe you children are accepting the situation for their own good… they are accepting it for you. If divorce has crossed your mind… do it for your children’s sake and for yours.

    I found out years later that my husband had children with other women. Those were conceived when he could not stay home even if I begged him to do so.

    God’s crace be with you.

  4. Alcohol addiction

    My name is Ray I need prayer to break this spell of alcohol addiction in my life plz need very strong prayer have a curse of alcohol addiction need to break it plz pray for my

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