Prayer to heal addiction

by Kk (NJ)

Please Lord, help my son. He is addicted to pain killers and other mind altering substances. Please weaken his addiction. Please speak to him so he can hear you. Get satan out of his life and soul. His addiction is tearing my heart apart. It is hard for me to think of anything else. I do not know how to help him.

Please guide me and bring people into his life that will help him. He is a good person, but has lost his way. Please, I beg of you, to help him find his way out of this extreme disease. He is coming home at the end of this week from a detox progam and I am so afraid he will not be strong enough to stay away from the people who also do these drugs. Please, Lord, help these people also with their addictions. My son had accumlated a large number of bills to support his addiction. When he gets well, I don’t know how he is ever going to find a way to pay for this. His credit will be ruined and I am afraid he might hurt himself because of the mess this addiction has caused him and our family. Please help us immediately. We need a miracle and I have confidence in you that you will not look away. Please, I beg of you, to help my stubborn boy. I love him so very much. My heart is shattered. Please, I BEG OF YOU TOO HELP HIM NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

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  1. Addiction

    I am so sorry. He needs to change his playground completely. There is a place in Murphy north Carolina called Christian Love Ministry I have seen lots of peoples lives changed. As I said the biggest thing is a total change of playground. My husband and I always pray for those addicts to find the help needed that being our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you and your family

  2. never lose faith

    Never lose your FAITH in our LORD JESUS because HE will always listen to our prayers and will answer them in HIS time. I also am having the same problem, but I have not given up and will never give up in my FAITH in GOD. My prayers are with your family and please keep my family in your prayers as well. Saint Monica prayed a lot for her son Saint Agustin and her husband, and both converted their lives to GOD. I KNOW WE WILL BOTH WIN WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE…. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!!!!


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