Prayer to heal a relationship

Lord, I come to you now in my darkest hour. I have pushed you so far out of my life and replaced you with my addiction. My actions and inaction have caused Abby to leave me and cut off any chance of reconciliation. I love her so incredibly much. We picked out a ring and we were ready for the next step before I got back into my lifestyle. God, I have thrown away the greatest blessing you have given me, and I pray for the strength to persevere. I pray that she will see that I am making many changes in my life, and that she can learn to trust me. Lord, she is starting to date again, and it is breaking my heart and discouraging me from continuing on this path. Lord, please help me not to stray. Please give her the vision to find her way back to our relationship, and to not get hurt by anyone she comes to know. She is my best friend, and I feel like I can’t stay in her life if I feel this way about her decisions. St. Jude, please intercede in this desperate matter, pray for this situation to work itself out and bring us back together. We were so happy once, and I know we can get back there again. This isn’t broken.

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