prayer to heal a heart

by Sonia (Palm Springs Ca)

I pray for a healed heart and for someone to love me, a happy home for my son and I, a good father for him and a husband to love me no matter what.

I just want to love someone without being pushed away and I need streangth to wanna live. Please lord send me someone who is right for me and my little boy.

Keep us safe and our families near and far and please take all the hatred I have for the past 15 years toward men forgive those who hurt me and keep them safe as well as those below this letter who also need prayer, pray for them as well.

Take this pain I hold so close to my heart away so I can find love. Send me someone lord who won’t hurt me this time please I beg of you I so desperately need love for i have lost it myself.

God bless amen.