prayer to heal a broken relationship

by Kevin G (NY)

Lord, please i come before you broken, lost and confussed with myself and life. I know i was the one the broke the relationship with someone that i love and wanted to spend the rest of mylife with and eventhough i feel less of what i used to feel for her i just wish you can transform our relationship to be the most perfect relationship in your eyes,

for us to be more than happy with eachother and ourselves and everlastion love for eachother and you oh lord. please remove the bitterness, hatefulness and anger within me and i have towards her, transform my life lord so i be like you, loving compassionate, humble, faithful and true to you words and saying lord. please save and transform this realtionship, there’s not another person i would want to have in my life and be happy with but her and theres nothing more that i want that this wish and desire lord, please lord send your angels and heal us!