Prayer to Heal A Broken Relationship

by Chermaine (Singapore)

Dear God,

Even though it was only days since our break up, but I pray every day that You will be able to restore and mend my broken relationship with me and my boyfriend.

I believe that You have brought him into my life for a reason, especially since we met on my birthday. We never quarreled, we loved and we cherished every moment we spent together. My love for him was unconditional, as much as I love You.

Please let him realize that all the stress that he has been receiving from his work is temporary. I will always be there for him, and I still want to be there for him in the future. Let him not be blinded by stress, and fill his heart with as much love for me. Please let our feelings be mutual. I want to be there to strengthen and motivate him. Let him realize that love can only push you to greater heights.

Help us both realize the importance of being with each other, and fill our hearts with love for each other and joy. Lift off the stress from his shoulders and make him realize that with You, everything is possible.

Lord, you are able to do all things. Give us a chance to continue the journey we have started. I pray that You will cast away the evil that is trying to destroy our relationship and restore his faith in us.

I love you.