Prayer To heal a broken relationship and help in marrying the girl I Love

by David (Westville. South Africa)

Please Father God Heal my broken relationship with Lesley. I have done things which has damaged and destroyed the relationship I had with her. Please can You help her to forgive me. Please can you heal, mend and restore our broken relationship. Can you bring us back together again so that we can share and enjoy our lives together. Please can You fill her heart with Love for me. Can you please restore all forms of broken and blocked communication that exist between us. Can you please restore our love for one another and help our Love to grow. Please can you protect our relationship so that nothing or nobody will come between us and seperate our love for one another. Please do not allow fear, guilt or shame to destroy our relationship. Please guide me so that I may not make the same mistakes or similar mistakes that will harm our relationship mow or in the future. Please heal all our defects. Please protect Lesley and keep her safe. I pray for this in Your sons name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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