Prayer to heal a broken heart and to not think about my ex anymore or desire to be with him anymore.

by Mel (United States)

I would like a prayer to heal all broken hearts that I have gotten from my family to my friends who betrayed me to my childs father who was lied to me about his marital status and I found out that he was married after I got pregnant. Now, I have a broken heart and feel like I cannot move on in life but its funny because I still desire to be with him even though he lied to me. Could be the soul tie. I have prayed to have the soul tie broken but I still cannot get over him. I need prayer to be released from wanting to be with him and prayer to heal and broke heart and prayer to move and on not ever desire to have him back in my life again. I would also like prayer fin christian man so that I will not be lonely anymore. I seem to keep attracting the wrong guys who either want to just have sex with me, abuse me or use me.

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