Prayer to have the woman I love back in my life, and in a relationship

by Edward Tracz (Belmont NH)

Dear Heavenly Father thru your grace you brought this wonderfull woman in my life, and I struggled without her, but found myself closer to you, please God hear my prayer, thru you all things are possible, She has brought my faith to you closer, I miss her every day, and know, I am capable of taking care of her,

And that she deserves the best of me, I have made mistakes lord, by not respecting her boundries, I ask for her love, today, tomorrow, and to give her a life she can enjoy and share the good and bad, and accept her for all the woman she is, Please help me Lord, be the strong Chrisitian man I need to be, to endure the days without her, as I give her the space and time she needs,

I pray That I may remain steadfast, and diligent in your duties, to plant the seed that nurtures growth, and spreads fresh mortar that a relationship can truly develop and grow into a beautifull wholesome experience worth sharing a lifetime of everlasting, I love her with all my heart, and want to be a stronger Christian, and Have her in my life, to have and hold, to give her a good life, and take care of her
Lord, thru the guidance and wisdom of your teachings of the duties of a Husband and Wife, PLease show me the way Lord,

She brings me higher to you and is the equal part of me that you have provide, Oh lord please hear my prayer, Your love is everlasting, I pray that she may find love with me again

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