Prayer to have the love of my life back.

by Mitali (India)

Dear Lord,

I have been in love with my boyfriend for 9 yrs,we grew up together and spent a really nice time.We loved each other immensely.We always supported each other.Though we had lots of fights we still loved each other.

But i committed many mistakes,I fought a lot with him,said bad words to him,and behaved rudely,all over petty matters.I distrusted him only because I was possessive for him,I got jealous even if he spoke to some other girl.Which I know was completely wrong because he is that kind of person who just likes to make friends be it a boy or girl.Whenever anything bad happened I said bad words to him and made various allegations on him,I said vile words which I know shouldn’t have entered my mind even.

But he still loved me.But recently due to my behavior he left me completely and says that he doesn’t feel anything for me,that I have killed all his love for me,that he wants to move on.But i love him still and have understood my mistakes,I want him to give me a last chance to love him back,I promise I would make him very happy.

I pray to you to make him love me again,its been 2 months since we got apart,though we talk sometimes he still says he does’t feel for me and doesn’t speak to me the way he used to ,though he has agreed to talk to me when he feels like,also he says he may see someone else,its a thought and act I don’t find good because I still love him immensely and truly and don’t want him to go with someone else.

Please Lord,
I pray to you.
I love him truly.Make him see that I have realized my mistakes and changed for good,make him see that I love him unconditionally,make him successful in profession and make him love me again the way he always did.

I want us to get back together and get married soon.I want to give him all the happiness and love.I pray to you with all my heart and soul.Please answer my prayers.