Prayer to Have Stronger Faith

by Margaret (New York)

please, my God, help me. the last few years have been so difficult. my father died, my mother was diagnosed with dementia, when she became unable to care for herself, we had to sell her home and now she lives in an assisted living, it breaks my heart, she does not remember her grandchildren, she does not remember that her husband died. My own husband was diagnosed with cancer. The company I worked for for 15 years suddenly went out of business and I was out of a job, shortly thereafter my husband lost his job. Throughout all this, I have prayed and God has been with me and has always answered my prayer. My son will be graduating in 1 week. I have been praying daily for two years that he will find a job and still he has not found one. I know the economy is bad, but God has always helped me. I am so fearful for my son, please ask God to hear my prayers and help my son find a job. Thank You