Prayer to Have Strength to Make it Through

Heavenly Father I beg for your intercession in my life. I need you to guide me, heal me and teach me. When I am the most broken Lord I thank you. I know in the midst of my struggles you are here for me. I need the strength to leave this relationship I have fought so hard for.

I am broken and I am lonely. Alot. I feel myself slipping further from you in this relationship and I am clinging to the rock, holding to my Jesus. I pray Lord that you give me strength to make it through. To do your will! I no longer pray for you to fix my mistakes but just for you to get me through them. I know you have a husband for me. A life that is full of nice words and happiness. I have tried to construct a godly family so long that I have tried to do your job instead of waiting. Teach me to wait Jesus.

Help me to see the right path you have for me and guide me as my heart longs to obey and serve you. As I place my heart into your hands Lord keep it safe. I have given it to a man who has carelessly tossed it around. I have served and stood by a man who I will never be enough for. Take this love I have for a husband and desire for being a virtuous woman and replace it with your love.

Show me to wait. Fll me with peace and guide me as I learn to trust you and accept that you are all I need. Fill me with your spirit and manifest in my life as I grow in your presence. Allow me to bask in your love.
Forgive me for always trying to figure out your plan and orchestrating things in my life in your name. I surrender to you. I submit to you.
Without your will all things I do become mistakes which lead to heartache.
Teach me to guard my heart and to patiently wait on your will.
Be my husband, be my father, be my family.
You are all I need.
Heal me from all of the situations and hurts I have caused.

THANKYOU for interceding on my behalf and for grace.
Your forgiveness is a cover, I pray you teach me to wear it daily
Be my feet and show me the way to leave.
Heal my anxiety and fear and lead me into your pasture.
I give it all to you Lord and I trust you.