Prayer to Have Strength & Courage at Time of Weakness

by Valwar (Mumbai)

Lord Jesus, please help me to be happy within myself. Push negativity away from me & help me to be positive in every situation. Please make everything work in my favour whether it’s my job, my personal life or my relationship with my partner. Please give me peace of mind so i can understand what’s right & what’s wrong and always stand up for what is right.

Give me strength to stand up for my dignity & help me so I don’t fall weak & give into my temptation & negative thoughts. Help me to have immense faith in you that you will work out things. Help me not to lose patience & keep faith that you will never let me fall down. Give me the courage & strength to no depend on anyone for my happiness & satisfaction. Let my happiness come from me & only me.

Help me not expect anything from anyone & to do my best in every aspect, situation or obstacle i face. Make me so strong in my heart, mind & soul that no one can ever hurt me mentally & emotionally. Keep me safe in ur guidance. I need you to wash me completely with ur sacred & precious bloid & cleanse my heart, mind & soul. Bring me to a new light where I can see myself as a much stronger & level headed person mentally & emotionally.

Heal Me Lord, Heal Me!!! Only you can make this happen & I trust that you wull work in my favour. Hear my prayer Lord & make it happen as your will. This I ask in Jesus’s name Amen.

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