Prayer to Have Serenity and Positivity in this Time of Difficulty

by Tap (San Diego, California)

Dear Lord,

Grant me serenity to keep my consciousness positive in spite of my difficulty. Grant me calmness and energy to move steadily forward so I can seek, apply and interview well for the next opportunity before me.

Grant me understanding to alleviate the frustration and sorrow of being laid off again. Grant me courage to believe when they say “it’s not about your performance” that it truly is not something I did wrong just another company going thru its own turmoil.

Grant me faith that you will provide for me in my time of need as you provide for all creatures on this earth who are dependent on you and your grace. And last, grant me unfailing love for you, in good times and bad. Let me never lose sight of you as my loving father/mother/beloved God.

God bless all those of come to this site and are in need of your help.

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