Prayer to have relationship with my grandchildren

by Desiree (Houston Texas)

i have no relationship good with my grandchildrens and their parents i raise i try to keep us in church they are all grown they dont call me dont come see me could not care if i am dead it hurt me i need to wait on god and stay strong he will work it out pray for them and pray for my family and me i need to find the stength to let go and find it hard they say i am controlling

i dont think so i want them to learn to be good decision maker have clarity of vision stop picking bad mates and have respect for others and themselves.

I dont go to church as much anymore i dont have friends i fell isolated i get depress sometime but not for long i do not get along with my family we are dyfunctional family i pray a lot i read a lot of books on family co dependcy people please contempt hate but still confuse thy are suppose to love me i wonder why i made mistakes too i am now 58 years and god has been good to me. he deliver me from a lot of strongholds i would like to get a degree from school in something start a business and enjoy family and try to help peoples .

i dont want to have to depend on people as i approach old age just god and myself i would like to know everything alright just like the scripture say