prayer to have peace of mind and happiness

by Maryann (Calgary,Alberta)

Dear Lord,

Please bless me with your forgiveness for what mistake i did! Now im seeking for peace of mind, especially at workplace. Help to convince my co-workers and friends to understand me and forgive me. I am truly sorry for what i done. Please I am begging you to grant my prayer of peace of mind! I am feeling weak now from all the judgement I heard from them.

Make me strong enough to accept all the consequences that i have now. Lord Im willing to stand up and correct my mistake and learn from it! But the worst thing and hard part is the people surround me are not willing to give me a chance. They want me to totally fall down and ruin my life.

Luckily that I have kids that they give me a reason to live and you are there not to do ruin my life. A gift of life from you. Please make my wheels of life turn to a light spot now. Please Almighty Father in heaven hear my prayer of help!! Thank you! Amen!

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