prayer to have peace of mind and be free from anxiety, stress and fear

by Maryann (Alberta Canada)

Please help me pray for peace of mind and anxiety, stress and fear. I have this feelings since May until now because of financial problems that i have!

I pray for all the Saints in heaven and to Jesus Christ our Almighty Father to take away all my burden. And forgive me for my weaknesses about handling money! I am truly sorry for this mistake that i have done to my friends and co- workers. I hope Jesus touch theirs hearts and mind to forgive me and to understand me. I want to stand up again and start all over again with your help Jesus! Teach me to be wise and handling properly the money that you gave it to me for my daily life! Please give me another chance to fix my life and to correct my mistake. I am begging you to Jesus to please forgive me and give me one more chance!!
Thank you very much and please always guide me and protect me and my family! Give us your blessing from above for my family and my mom! Thank you very much!!

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