Prayer to Have Patience Knowledge Understanding and More Wisdom

by Solitaire (Longbeach Ca USA)

Father I come to u today thanking u for everything seen and unseen thanking u for those u put in my family life and those who u remove thanking u for bringing us this far I ask that u protect my daughter and her room mate in there going out and coming in cover there minds keep them focus and help them to be successful in whatever they put their mind to lord be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto there partway.

father I ask that u open doors for me and my family I need a house to all home and a job ,lord be the driver of my husband car give them traveling mercies each day for there journey is long and tired some help my son in his school father keep him from all harm and danger this I thank u in advance lord in your precious Name Jesus ,father I bring my friend Sharon and her boys.

lord help them get a place to rest there heads father I know u are the lord of possibilities and u are able and I stand on your word that u will do exceedingly abundantly and more that we ask of thank you Lord love .

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