Prayer to have my wife come back from an affair

by Johnny (Whitby, On. Canada)

Dear Lord and heavenly Father, I was betrayed by my wife of 20 years and still Love her with all my heart and soul. Please open her heart to the special and uplifting life we shared, with 4 beautiful children and what seemed like a very blessed life. We grew apart and I did not notice in time, but truly made strong efforts to have our marriage get stronger again.

She has informed me that I was far too late, but my faith has not given up despite the emotional devastation and humiliation I now live with every day. I love her Lord, I want her to see the love she has buried deep in her self and pray you can open her soul to see that her husband truly is in Love with her and can withstand any obstacles to prove my love, faith and devotion to her and my family.

I pray Lord, when she is at church, in your holy house of worship, that you and all the angels in heaven can fill her spirit with the warmth of my love for her and the strength and faith that I Love her through all things.