prayer to have my exboyfriend back

by Hlengiwe (South Africa)

Dear Lord Jesus

Lord, I humbly come before you in great humility, in the name of Jesus. I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I turn into you to serve you in all my life. I am here with a 3 year old daughter whom I got through her father who is a divocee. My Lord in the name of Jesus, I have done wrong and I apologise. I thank you for your forgivenes of my sins through the blood of Jesus.

For as long as since my daughter was conceived we have not been together, even before my child was conceived we were about to get back together after a breakup of 10 months. He pays child support with no hussle. All this time of being apart I have had no other interests but to be with him. I believe that if he is still alive then he can be with his daughter and do the right thing, through the only power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I draw closer to your interepretation of my feelings for this man and that I believe that all good and perfect things come from you. All things that are good are in line with your will. You ways are different from my ways and your thought are different from my thoughts. I believe in you Lord God almighty that you have answered my prayer, and had known my heart before I prayed in the name of Jesus.