Prayer to Have Hope in God

by A C (Usa)

God is near us every day ,in our troubles and our storms. He is there to guide us along the way.When we feel powerless to do any thing more, He is there.

Along the pathways we walk ,we may some day encounter trials and tribulations. Do not have fear, God is still near. Look at the sunshine, look at the moon, look at the stars in the sky.

Know this that if you can see these things , that God still is near. Do not give up hoping for miracles. For God is the inventor of miracles. Have hope in God for in Him we receive all blessings.

If their is anything that is good upon the earth, know this that all good things are from the Lord who made them. But if their is evil upon the earth. The one who makes these things did not come from God. God did not want for evil to take root, but thistles came because of sinfulness. God wants obedience.

We need to pray for forgiveness, and have hope that God will heal us and our nation. Have hope for God has a listning ear. Ask, seek, knock, so He will open the door. God is alive. Have Hope in Him. He loves you. God wants us to live, and live with Him in the future life. Pray for gentle rain and healing of our nation, and for those who are sick, to be healed. Amen

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