Prayer to have Happieness

by Chris (USA)

Dear Lord, please help me find my way. My husband is so terribly verbally abusive. I have lost so much confidnece in myself. I am so depressed and lost. My children are in an environment that they don’t deserve. My husband has turned me into a hateful person, as much as I try I can’t get past all the terrible things he says to me and the names he calls me.

The yelling and the filthly mouth has put me somehwere and I can’t seem to find my way out. I have no idea what it is like to be happy, no idea what it is like to be loved. I have so much to give but it is never enough for him. My kids are my world. I can’t do this on my own…I’ve tried. I need you to intervene, please please help me. I love you and thank you

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  1. Miracles do happen

    Dear friends of Christ ..I feel all your pain I honestly do. Please have faith & do not let the enemy win. For many times we are being tested how strong our faith is. It is during these times we must pray & fast .. Surround yourselves with as much positivity as possible, weather it be reading positive affirmations, watching a funny film, free your minds for a while away from all the negativity that you are feeling right now. Just think what if your last day of living on this earth was today, what would be most important to you? May our precious Lord Jesus bless you all with guidance, patience, strength , peace, & love..


    Your stories have definitely been encouraging to me. My heart is with all of you because I suffer with an verbally abusive and unaffectionate husband daily. I have a 13 year old daughter that tries to be the mediator and that’s not what she needs to be focused on. I want to leave but with the economy falling, my credit is terrible and I’m afraid that I can’t provide her the same quality of life by myself that I can give her by staying. I know I probably sound very pathetic but that’s where I am right now. I pray for strength but it’s very difficult to pray for him and be sincere. My daughter is the only thing that keep me going. Keep us in your prayers

  3. Strength

    Please be strong and know you are not alone in this world. Many people including myself are going through tribulations. we have to be strong as a mother for our kids and only do whats best. I often cry and wonder how does my body produce so much tears. Ive learned that tears are 1% water and 99% feelings. You have to let it out and learn to love.

    GOD bless and keep the faith!!

  4. Taking the high road is hard!

    There are so many people going through the same situation it is truly unbelievable. Since you cannot see verbal abuse, I feel it goes undetected most often but it is just as bad as physical abuse. I feel that I have to justify or prove what has actually happened. Without visual proof, it is EXTREMELY difficult.

    I am in the middle of a divorce caused by a verbally abusive husband. I knew it would be difficult but never dreamed it would be as difficult as it is. It has been 8 months from the date I filed and still no end in sight.

    We have two children and they are the ones that will suffer from this the most. Due to the laws, my hands are tied and we still live in the same house together.

    I pray for all of you out there that are going through a similar situation.

    People tell me it will get better. All I can do is pray that it will. But it will not be over after the divorce, it will just be more tolerable because I won’t have to see him every day.

    I pray for my children the most. My parents divorced many years ago. At that time, divorce was not as common and I not only suffered at home, but I was an outcast with my peers. I never wanted this for my children. I did the best to shield them from any of this. But after 15 years, I decided it was better to leave him so that our children don’t repeat this behavior when the grow up.

    I continue to try and take the high road and do my best not to put our children in the middle. I wish he would do the same.

    I pray that this will end soon for the sake of our children. I love them more than anything!

  5. prayer

    I went thru the same thing for 14 years straight. I grew up in and old fashioned home and my mom would always say, “that’s the Cross you chose, that’s the Cross u will carry”. Last year, je almost broke a guitar on my head in front of my kids. The scare in their eyes gave me the strength to leave him. It was the first and only time I did. I ended up in the hospital more than eight times and attempted suicide 3 times due to majorr depression disorder that he caused me. But God is great, this made my husband realize what he had lost and got treatment and was put on medication for bipolar. I went back with him 6 months later. He is a totally different man. This prayer helped me, I hope it helps you too.

    O Christ JesusWhen all is darknessAnd we feel our weakness and helplessness,Give us the sense of Your Presence,Your Love and Your Strength.Help us to have perfect trustIn Your protecting loveAnd strengthening power,So that nothing may frighten or worry us,For, living close to You,We shall see Your Hand,Your Purpose, Your Will through all things.By St. Ignatius of Loyola Read more:

  6. Prayer for Happiness

    Please know that only you and God our father hold the key to your happiness. Find happiness in god and your family. Do not let your husband take away your happiness. Live everyday with a smile even when the words are unkind. Let that smile tell you that you are loved and happiness will come.

  7. Prayer for Happiness

    I pray that God may bring peace into your hearts and homes. I went through the same situation of abuse, and as a mother I understand what you are going through. I prayed everyday for more than a year for the Lord to change my husband, and I thank God that he did. Don’t give up praying, God knows the right time to give you a miracle. If you have children old enough to pray, ask them to pray along with you for your husband. Their hearts is not like ours, they have a pure heart without hate. God Bless!

  8. Thhis story sounds exactly like mine that i just posted

    I am sorry you are going through what your going through. And your kids. I get screamed at or things smashed for no reason. The kids get scared and i know its effecting them. We are very disfunctional and my kids cant even be kids. There is nothing worse than not knowing where to turn for help when there is nowhere to turn, no one to help, no one to listen. Every morning when the sun rises i dread getting out of bed. I pray for strength and help every night. We have made it this far by Gods faith. But i really dont know how much further i can go. I will pray for you and your kids to get out of it some way somehow. And please do the same for us. I want to smile and laugh and live and i just cant do it because of him.

  9. i pray for strength for you

    I will pray for you. I am going through this situation right now with a husband that has been verbally and physically abusive. I have a son who is almost 2 years old. I prayed for god to intervene in my marriage and for my husband to get help for his anger and alcohol use. I had come to a place of despair where I knew if he was not willing to change then I would have to change my circumstances. This negativity was eating me up inside. I knew that god didn’t want this life for me. Sometimes you do all you can and then you have to let go. I am in the midst of a divorce now. It was never what I wanted, but I knew deep inside me I had to do this for my son. I don’t want him to grow up and think this is the way things are supposed to be. I know this option is not for everyone. My husband is now in counseling and addressing some of his issues. He only went because the court ordered him to do so, but i continue to pray for him. I want him to be strong for my son. I still struggle everyday. I often question if I made the right decision. I pray for peace I pray for protection for my son. I will pray for you as well. May god give you the strength and the guidance you need right now. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel unworthy of his love.

  10. hope, love, and faith

    I experienced some of the same things that your going through, but I wasn’t married. I dated a man who abused verbally, and physically. I knew that’s not how I wanted to be treated and I knew in my heart that I deserved so much better. Before I met him I was very happy with my life and who I was, but everything changed when we walked into each others life. I finally build up the strength and walk away and NEVER looked back. The Lord covered me with his love and grace and I know that he will never leave me.

  11. misunderstanding

    sometimes people don’t know how to express themselves. I am not making excuses but just pray for him to change. That will help things. Everyone has been in an abusive relationship in one way or another. I will pray for you all. Just try to understand it and get past it and forgive the abuser. That’s all you can do!

  12. Prayer for Happiness & Safety

    Hi Chris,

    You’re so brave to tell your story and post your prayer on this site. I’m sure you’ve helped others just by speaking up about your own experience. In fact, you’ve helped me realize some things about myself. I will definitely pray for you and your family.

    I grew up in an abusive household. My dad called my mom all sorts of horrible names and he would also get physically violent, mostly towards my brother (but also towards the rest of us at times). I would always try to intervene and stick up for my mom and my brother. I grew up very afraid of my dad with lots of trust issues. But, at times he was nice to us, so I was also very conflicted and felt a sense of loyalty to him and responsibility to protect him, to keep the family secret, to keep us all together (it sounds strange to me now but it was how I coped with the abuse).

    Needless to say, it affected me deeply and still does even though I’m in therapy and not living with my parents anymore. It led to my getting involved in an abusive relationship as well. Luckily, I was able to get out of it, but not without a lot of help and support. You may think that you are alone in this, but there are many people out there willing to help. Many have been abused themselves and they understand. They staff the phone lines and support groups and won’t push you into more than you’re ready for. They know how scary that first step is.

    I’m sharing some of my story with you so that you know you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. You and your children deserve to be treated with respect and to have a safe and happy life. I hope and pray that the abusive behavior of your husband ends. But, to be honest, it is unlikely to change without outside intervention. No matter what he chooses to do, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your children.

    I understand how scary it is. But, maybe you can think about taking one more small step, just like you did by posting the prayer. It doesn’t have to be a drastic action. You can call an anonymous hotline to simply talk about what’s going on (1-800-799-SAFE) or you can read about domestic violence and what you can do about it online ( There are free support groups (even online) that you can join to talk about things. Talking is the first step towards help.

    I hope this helps and I wish you all the best. May God surround you with His peace, love, and strength to help you through this challenge. I’m sending love & support to you as well.

  13. Strength and Honer

    Anonymous Lady..
    It is very easy to strike back and be drawn into a hateful way of thinking. Demons gather strength when we least expect it..
    Think of all the suffering our lords only son went through for us..
    I will pray that our heavenly father and all the heavenly hosts lay invisible hands upon you for strength and happiness..pray for this help every day and imagine the hands upon your shoulders and they will come imagine the figure of the strongest man that ever lived looking into the demons eyes..and you will see them ..soon your strength will return and the demons will leave your spouse if not our lord will lead you to the right path..God Bless you and my arms are your shield around you and your children.. Strength and Honer ..their is only one of you, no one in gods world is like you..

    Lord reach out and grant her your sons invisible hands and her angels shield..For her protection and her loving children

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